Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 25

SURPRISE! pdays are now on Saturdays for me so dont sweat it about not writing. i didnt even know until i got to the office about this. but i thought that i would send a bunch of the goodbye pics that i took.

It was pretty hard saying goodbye to linares as we were having so much success, because this month they are going to get three more baptisms, but it is all OK because i know i am where the lord wants me. but man oh man things are different. we work in the office every day until 5:30, if we are lucky... so there isnt really that much time to be a real missionary. and this week we were really busy as with the cambios there are now a lot of trios in the mission and we had to get all of these people mattresses and bed frames. one day we didn't get home from running these kind of errands until 9:50... we had to do our daily street contacts in a different city lol. but i love being able to help the missionaries.

My new comp is Elder carpenter, he is from Wyoming. he got bumped up to comp mayor this cambio!! so this has been a pretty new experience for him too, so please keep him in your prayers! but he has almost a year in the mission, and he will have 2 more cambios here in the office as we always stay in the office for 4 cambios.

the old man next to me was probs my bestfriend in linares he said he would cry once a week to remember me lol

hernancito! he left with us a lot and he was super capo! 

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