Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 24

ya so today is cambios and....... im leaving! im going to be one of the office elders! so im going to concepcion tomorrow to be comps with elder carpinter and we are in charge of the housing of the mission! talk about a big change... but the best thing is that as an office elder we get a car! so im super pumped about that lol. but also i will still be working in the heart of conce so that will be a huge change from here in linares!

So to start off this week i had a mini cambio with my dl and went to straight campo. it was super nice because a member drove us and visited like 3 families with us. dont remember their names because its not my sector but it was pretty fun being in the real campo. and we found an antique shop and i bought a really old chilean bill it was before they started using pesos!

The next day we were fasting to help an eternal know if she should get married or leave her bf. but we also had a really hard service! we had to use metal poles to do the job of a jackhammer.... omg we were dying towards the end, but after they gave us a huge bbq like huge huge. i couldnt finish huge.

so this week we were able to bring 3 people to church with fecha!! our goal was 4 but the news that we found this week were hit by the flojera (lazy) and didnt want to come even though we had members looking for them... because we had two other news that had fecha but the flojera

first off the elena. her date is the 6th!!!!!! she is ready to be baptized, she passed the practice interview that we had with her because she kept saying i need to learn more, but we were like no you know everything you need to know!! and her son is going to baptize her this next sunday... oops wont be here but still im super pumped for her and si o si she will be baptized now!!

numero dos was yaritza, she is the daught of a recent convert who has 16 years. we have been working with her for a while getting her excited about a baptism and finally this week it clicked! she had a sweet spiritual experience and is now feeling more ready! heck she even bought a dress for church! and her fecha is the 12th!

last but not least, nikolas! he is still looking really good for the 26th! we are really excited for the family as a whole, they keep coming each sunday and are reading and praying, its awesome! and now they have internet so the mom can listen to the LDM!

But yeah it is weird thinking about how today is my last day here... definitely sad but also excited for the future! and elder watts and bianco are both going to satay here so i am not worried about my precious investigors! 

As for thanksgiving we had a short noche de hogar with maria lopez and a fun family. we played pueblo de nefi its kinda like mafia its really fun to play with chileans because they always cheat lol. 

and man oh man it is getting hot here! yesterday during weekly planning we were still kinda dying, but hey the office has AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i will be super busy this month because we have to help set up a big thing fopr christmas and have all the beds and stuff so we can have the whole mission together.... so yeah things will be different but still good

it doesnt matter where you work just how- SWK

love you all!!!!! besitos!!

Elder livingston

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