Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 23

so we had an emergency cambio...... and we received elder bianco!! he is from argentina and is super cool, he didnt do anything bad but just had to change areas.

So this week we walked a lot. like really we spend a good 3ish hours every day just walking from appointments. its starting to kill me. like really we are just so tired here, like right after we finish planning i eat a carrot and go to bed lol.

so this week we really tried to recommit ourselves to find more this week. we were able to find 4 solid people and one even came to church with fecha for the 12! but we think it might be moved back because her house smells like cigarettes but well see.

so with nikolas, the joven that we found. his mom had a problem getting to church but in the end we were able to find a wheel chair! and the whole fam came to church!!! we are really pumped and nikolas is excited for his baptism on the 26th of december!!

really nothing else big happened here... just that now we are in a trio and it is the last week of the cambio... so this next week could very well be my last here in linares :(. hope you all had a great week!!!!

me with elder bianco! he looks like a gringo but does not speak english at all

oh and this week we almost brought 5 people to church with fecha.... but in the end only 2 came... we were kinda bummed because the other three told us that they were on their way.... but now we are going to use the members more for this!

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