Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 22

ya so it got reaaaaal hot this week. like almost every other contac we do on the street we just talk about how hot it is outside lol. but this week was super busy! E watts and i were so dead this morning that after we got up and said morning prayers we just collapsed back to sleep lol. i really have been so tired... we walk so much and it is stinkin hot, but i still love it here! i keep thinkin about the elder holland talk to missionaries about how we should arrive home to our homecomings on stretcers because we will be dead tired.

So this week martin got dunked1!! we were really excited for him! he was super nervous the day of and kept having this weird twitch thing... but in th end he was just so happy!! but everything went smooth for the baptism! hs grandpa baptized him nd it was super lindo! we still just ned to make sure that his mom will stay active. but we also recently reactivated one of his neighbors that has a kid thats just under 8, so si o si he will still get to church!

As for maxi... first of all maria had to work a big event that friday for her new job so it was a no for this week... but also the boyfriend doesnt really want maxi to get baptized.... he keeps saying that he isn mature enough and that he should wait a year. but I did a mock interview with maxi and he just needs to learn repentance a little better and the law of chastity..... but we are really working on getting the dads permission. right now he has fecha for the 28th so hopefully it will all work out! and it was knda sad this week because maria ended up not going to the temple because of money issues :((((((((( but she is really excited about the temple and keeps asking abou endowments and were like maria you still got a year to wait!

so we found a menos active family that has a son that has not been baptized, he has 12 years and they are so prepared to come back to church!!"!! whn we first bpassed by they didnt want us to come in because mssionaries have said they would come back but never did, so we made sure that we came back! and they started reading and praying and coming back to church and now the son has fecha for the 26th of december!

but yea it was a really busy week and we ended up bringing three people to church with fecha! so we were really pumped and glad that all of our work has been working! i hope that you all had a great week!!!

Elder livingston

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