Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 21

So this week was a bit more relaxed as we were still focusing on getting maxì and martin ready for their baptisms this week. were pretty pumped about it and it is going to be a joint baptism on friday night for the niños!!!

so since we having been teaching mostly kids this week we went to the primary pres and asked her how does she teach kids, because she also has a 3 and 5 year olds. and she really drove home a point that i liked which was to just let it go if the kid doesnt understand the lesson, just drop it and come back later. so we really were trying to do that and keep the lessons short and FUN. so we had a super fun noche de hogar with them and played pueblo de nefi which is like mafia. it was super funny because we had a smaller kid there and he did not understand the game and would keep yelling kill me!!! im the lamanite!! even when he wasnt... lol but it was fun getting the two kids together and trying to get them to become better friends.

so yeah maria was baptized as you guys know and now her life is looking awesome!! seriously the week before her baptism it looked like her life was going to be reaaaaally hard, but the blessings of baptism are so real! she has her job and she is dating her boyfriend (juan) and he is now living in a different house but still spends most of his time there helping out. and really you can just see the spirit helping her in her life!! and now juan is starting to read the BoM more!!! litterally we walked in for lunch yesterday and juan was sitting there reading the Bom listening to 70s music (soooo trunky). and he told us about an interesting experience that he had during one night after reading.... needless to say we were like juan that was a sign from God, KEEP READING! also we learned that he went to culinary school and wants to cook for us more, so yea blessings of missionary work...

We found a family of ancient investigators. they are sooooo awesome. the dad already wants to be baptized! but he can only go to church once a month because of work.. sooo were just still trying to figure out the whole situation before we really put them with fecha. but we took once with them once and started reading 2 nefi 32 and after like 5 verses in everyone was silent listening to the god word. and then the dad was like wow this is just like the bible and we were like yeaaaaaa and explained its origen and everything. but we are really pumped for them!

but yea those were kinda the highlights of the week! we also found a dirt cheap hotdog place thats 500 pesos for a hotdog.... we took our ward mission leader there one day lol. we told him we have a sweet surprise and he got all ready and everything then we took him out! he was pretty surprised lol but the man loves completos! 

we met with a super old man this week that is getting his endowment and at the end of the lesson he shoed us his boxers and said, this is the last week for these!!! lol

we did a service for a menos activo member and after he showed us 1 nefi 11:10, 15. LOL

But all is good here! i love all the people here and its weird to think that we are already half way through this cambio! i sure hope i dont have to leave i love the ward here! hope all of you are having a great fall!!!! drink some hot coco for me! and eat some pumpkin pie!

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