Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 20

we did it!!! after a long 9 months finally maria got baptized!!! it was such an awesome experience to see her finally get baptized and confirmed a member of the church! after she gave a BOMB testimony about how the week leading up had been really hard but totally worth it! seriously it was soooo awesome! earlier in the week she doubted herself a little but we got her to reconfirm and justo after she said yes im going to go through with the baptism she got a call with a job offer #bediciones!!!!!!!!! 

So yeah really this week we were focusing on getting maria to the font. and open of the days we got to do a mini cambio and i went to the campo again with the brasileño which was a pretty interesting day. mostly because since it is a newish sector so really al they had planned was find.... so we knocked A LOT of doors. and it ws stinkin hot because i was wearing my suit pants from interviews that morning with pres arrington. after like 3ish hours of doors and like 1 lesson we found an icecream shop and i was like we have to go im dying and it just looks sooooo good. so we took a nice icecream break, i had pplatano icecream and man it was soooo rico. probably was the second highlight of the week.

but really not much else happened this week because we were really focused on maria. but now we only have 1 person with fecha because all of our other investigators didnt come to church :(((( this was martin the niño of 9 years old. he has started kicking it into high gear getting ready for his baptism for the 13th! but he really is the only other that is really progressing. but we are finding a lot! which has been awesome, we even found a family of 7 and the parents seem really excited about the church, just got to get them to GO somehow.

For halloween we kinda forgot about it until it was night and we were walking home... so we went over to maria´s and handed out candy to the niños. it was pretty funny seeing peoples reactions as we came out! then she gave us the rest of her baptism cake and we make a smoothie with it! it was pretty good in the end! 

But i hope that all of you are having an awesome week! its weird to think that it is already november!!!! i hope that all of you had an awesome halloween you all probably sent pics of costumes but if you didnt, DO IT! love you all!!!!

ps i think i experienced righteous fury with a menos activo this week when he promised he would go to church and then he didnt and we taught him about this is the time to prepare to meet god. if any of you can imagine me dropping the hammer (con amor)  

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