Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 19

Well this last week was awesome. we went HARD. we were able to leave with a member every day last week!! It might have helped that i started giving out the skittles that were sent in the package lol and for one member we even made fudge cookies for accompanying us, so yes the bribery has been in play but hey salvation isn't cheap!

remember maria lopez? the investigator that has basically been active in the church for the past year? yea so her pareja finally left like for good. it was kinda sad when she told us about this but in reality she has been a lot more excited because now she can get baptized!! she is going to be baptized this week on the 31st! spooky stuff right? but she is really excited and is suuuuuuuper lista. we did a mock interview to show her how ready she is and she is so pumped and we have all of the baptism planned except who is going to baptize her... were banking on her picking the second counselor of the branch presidency. but she will be baptized this saturday si o si! and now her son wants to be baptized too! and he has fecha for the week after! we still have to go through all of the commandments with him so he can pass the baptismal interview. but he is starting to like going to church so that really is the most important thing!! oh and he has 8 years old.

after those two baptisms we will have the baptism of martin. the grandson of the branch president who has 9 years. he is a big goof ball. its hard to get him to stay still for an entire lesson but we are really working on getting him ready. we had to kinda drop the hammer on him yesterday because he hasn't been doing any of the tareas that we leave with him. so we gave him a little calendar that says reading and prayer each day and if he cannot do it each day before the baptism we will move the date. mostly to show him that this is a serious matter, but it is nice that we have the support of the grandparents so much.

and then we will have Elena! who had fecha for the 7th but she didn't show up to church yesterday because they went shopping -___- we were pretty bummed. and we are really thinking that she hasn't been reading... so we are thinking about how we really need to get the whole family motivated in the cause because the daughters were less active until like 2-3 weeks ago. but it has been pretty hard teaching her because she is a very timid person and her husband speaks for her a lot(yes he is a member) we even had to tell him during a lesson that its great that you have a testimony but we want to hear your wife's. so with her we are planning on the baptism to be more towards the end of november, we just need to get her to stay for the three hours and i think she will really start progressing.

those are all the people that have fecha to be baptized. and this week have been really lucky in finding you MARRIED couples. which are super rare in chile. we really are feeling like theses young families are answers to our prayers but we just need to start putting them in priority these next few weeks.

and the common theme that we found for contacts this week was that people kept thinking that E watts is like 10 years older than me lol. one person guessed that he has 32 years old lol. but it is so funny contacting people in the street here because there really is like a 1/10 chance they are a member that is inactive... welcome to chile!

But yea this week was a lot of work we literally have been running around every corner of linares trying to help our focus group and find news. I can really see the lords hand in this work and i am so glad that he has put me here in the best city of chile!!! I hope that you all had an awesome week and you all have a fun halloween!!!! eat a snickers for me! besitos!

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