Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 82

wow guys i am officially entering into lobster mode here in linares! it is soosososososoooo stinkin hot! and this next week is supposed to be even hotter!! like 40 degrees celcius!!! i believe thats like 108F! But dont worry yes mom i am using sunscreen, but i dont think i can get myself to use a hat #JW.

but it was a pretty good week here!

so luis...... we found out this week that he has skitzofrenia... (ojalá i spelled that right) but he's still good! basically if he wants to he still can get baptized! and he is still good for the 4th! and yes i had to wake hime up again by throwing a rock on his roof lol!

and this week we did a small activity where we invited everyone that we are working with to the chapel and we had a mini tour. and at the end we showed the bautismal font with the clothes for baptism! IT WAS SO SICK! two brothers (carlos and hernan) are super pumped to get baptized!!!! carlos made it to church this weekend but herenan couldnt cause he went to the beach since it was his only week of vacations..... but they both are going to be baptized the 18th! and they are just super nice guys that are like in their 50s and just want to learn a lot more! o sea PERMISO!

on friday we went to go visit claudia...... we had a great lesson with our Branch prez and we invited her to prepare to be baptized for her ancestors. it was probs one of the coolest lessons ive ever had! BUT she didnt come to church again......... so were leaving her. but still it was a really cool lesson lol

BTW in my zone since its so hot one sector is litterally one fire...... so could you all please pray for cauquens!? we were going to go down as a zone today but then pres catala said no one go except for the elders there..... so we'll see if we can do the service later. but yea a lot of neighborhoods are buring up.....

But i lvoe all of you so much! it is so great serving out here wqish you guys could meet these peeps!! they are so nice!


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