Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 81

yea so time is flying here in linares. i still feel like there is so much to do but the days just fly by! 
But we had a pretty good week in our sector!! we finally have someone thats getting baptized!!!!!
so one moring we were looking for some less actives when a random guy kinda approached us (luis) and we started talking to him and he was like i would love to have some friedns like you guys. at this moment elder cowley and i nearly yell 'we are your friends!' after that we started to leanr about his tory and he has had a hard life. his house burnt down 6 months ago, then his parents moved away, THEN they died. and now he live alone in the burnt house........ he lives in the back part thats kinda ok but the mjority of his house is just walls.... BUT sunday moring we went to look for him and he was snoozin (like any good chilean) so we had to throw rocks on his roof lol. but he woke up and came to church! and there we showed him the font and he accepted to be baptized the 4th of febuary!!! and he is really excited for it!!!

and claudia that other great person we found last week committed to get baptized the 28th!!!!! but she didnt come to church..... so we are thinking about runningher date to later febuary or leaving her.

but yea we have a lot more hope for our sector and we are finally getting to know most of the members!

love you guys so much1!!! have a great week!

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