Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 80

sothis week was a long one, but we really were workingon just finding people and man oh man did we find! people here are super nice so its really easy to get into houses! and we did find some good people that are progressing!

we found a family that had been reciving the missionaries andone of the daughters was baptized but there are still three others that need to be baptized! they are super receptive, but super lazy lol. but we gained a lot of confidence with them as we painted a couch made from paletes for them!

we also found a 12 yo who is super receptive and ws super close to coming to church, but his uncle wasgoing to take them to a city near by.... but we still have a lot of hope for marcelo!

but man oh man it is soooooo hot here in linares! i might come home black! but i love it here and it is really fun trying to save a sector that was well maintained!!

BTW i got sick on new years day..... something i ate did not settle well and sunday i had to stay home from church..... itwasnta pleasant morning, and then in the afternoon wegot permission as a zone to watch disney movies! so i now have seen kung fu panda 3 and inside out! but the huatita is all good!

love you all so much!!! hope you all have a great week!!

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