Saturday, December 31, 2016

Week 79

so yea im in my new sector and i think i have worked a whole like 4 hours this week...... lol we had to do A TON of traveling this week for council of the mission and elder cowley had a leadership training. so yea a ton of time on the bus. but I LOVE my new zone, but yes it is huuuuuge, we are 32 in total.

so i am now comps with elder cowley! its really funny because we do kinda look a like so to chileans we are like literal twins! i also now live with two elder romeros..... one is a big chilean who is probably the funniest person i have met in my life and the other is from the filipines! but its a great house and elder cowley and i are really excited for this next week that we'll actually be able to work! because we werent left anything.... o sea going to be knocking a lot of doors!

and i will not have p day on monday we are taking it today because it'll be more efficient since its new years eve.

but yea im happy and healthy, but just a little stressed with all the changes that happened so fast! but #letsmakelinaresastake! love you all and hope you have a great new year!!!

my branch pres has an im a mormon vid lol

la paz

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