Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 78

well.... cambios are here again.... and i am LEAVING........... again. so let me explain.
so elder barson (my comp) will stay and train and then i will be going back to linares.... and my new zone and old zone will be joined together into a like mega zone. and my new comp will be elder cowley from north carolina (the guy i want to room with) and btw it will be a white wash..... and it is not the same branch as where i started. yea that was a big surprise last night!

BUT it was so nice seeing all of you last night! you all look so good! and dad and greg are just so muscially talented! 

but yea as for the sector all is well! i'll probably get permission from pres to come back on the 7th to see the baptisms!

uhh yea! dont have much more to say! just hope you all have a great new year! i'll have to try to find a cool family this week to spend it with! love you all!!!!

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