Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 77

cannot believe that it is almost christmas! how crazy! just feels like it was a week ago in the office when i was skyping you guys!!

but yea we had a pretty good week! everything went well with zone conference! (pres didnt kill anyone!) but heh gave some very interesting counsel of how we need to just baptize everyone and rush them to be baptised, even if the do inactivate afterwards. very interesting, but it makes sence for this area. 

so with jano and jasmine..... we realized that they have a son..... that was always hiding in his room, and is 8..... so yea he now also is getting baptized on the 7th! his name is alejandro, he's just super she but now we're buddies! and with that familiy we just go over every once in a while to read the BoM with them! its really fun just helping them uinderstand the story and how to apply it to the their lives! 

Irma is all good! she just had a little panic attack when she learned about diezmo because she makes like $15 monthly sellling used clothes. BUT with the spirit anything is possible! she now understand why she has to pay her tithing and she is still super excited for her baptism and wedding! her hubby is still super bitter but said he'll start going to church in january... hay vemos.

we were working with an old dude that is like 80 and who LOVES to bike. his name is miguel. and we invited him to the adult session of district conference to see the choir (he also loves to sing) and man he LOVED the conference! he kept saying stuff like 'that is so true!' so we'll see if we can get him dunked asap!

and then the 12 yo ariel almost go to church this sunday.... but his mom was asleep and he wasnt sure if he had permission...... but he did. but this sunday si o si he's going to be there! and he just has to wait three weeks to be baptized!

but guys i am so excited to see you all this sunday! it is going to be so special!!!! hope you all enjoy this christmas! and drink lots of hot chocolate! love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peep me and irma with our hotdogs!!!!!!!!!

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