Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 76

so it was a pretty great week down here in parral! but man it sure is hot!

ok so this week went sosososo well and there will be two wedding in january and 3 baptisms!! all during the same week! so that'll be fun to loook forward to!

so Irma is all good to get baptized we just need to wait for the 4th to get married! and her future hubby is warming up to us! but he recently went blind for his diabetes so he's still a little bitter... but we're going to make hotdogs with them tonight! but i do thinnk he'll come to church this week!!

jano and jasmine are also getting married the 4th! (no they dont know irma) and both of them will be baptized! we're just working with them on getting the little things down now aka reading praying everyday. but they are good to go! 

and then we found a patial family! with a 12 yo that snt baptized! and they are super receptive! and the son is already agreeing with the idea of being baptized in Jan. his name is ariel!

and then we were wroking with an old investigator from the sisters from a long time ago and she is sooooo prepared! we just have to help her with some doubts she has about what are the commandments (like she thought we cant drink coke....... oh sisters....) but if all works out this week she will most likely be baptized this month!

so i need to ask you guys a favor.... so this wednesday is zone conference. and pres isnt too happy with the zone..... please pray for the zone parral during wednesday plz! the APs told me that he will be speaking storngly to us........ so uhhh hay vemos!

but really all is well with the sector and the zone is gettting better! i just hope that i can stay here for a while and dont get a weird cambio! but love you all so much! cannot wait to skype with you all!! love you all! 

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