Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 75

so this week we were traveling sosososo much! but it was totally worth it because we got to hear a lot from elder packer (hijo). it was sick and in the end he basically said that we need to be baptizing every week..... so definitly made us think about how we need to step up the work!!
after the conference i did a mini cambio with the ap going around to sectors in the zone inviting people to be baptized. IT WAS SO AWESOME! we had a lesson with one woman and we wre in silence for like 15 minutes as the spirit was sosososososo strong! Also we got home late because we were ther in silence for so long oops. but it was awesome. the hermanas after the lesson were like WOAHHH!

but yea for our sector.... so irma is suppsedly getting the hour for her wedding right now! and she is doing soooooo well! and the RS pres bought her a skirt! so she was so happy and excited for church! so we just need ot see when she'll get married and baptized!

and for jazmine and jano we had a sweeeeet lesson last night! and today we will know if they will get married or separate! if they separate jasmine might be baptized this week! or we'll wait for the wedding. but we brought a youth to the lesson adn just told her basically if you want kids like this you will be baptized. it was awesome!

we found another antiguo that supposedly wants to get baptized really soon, who just seperated with her pareja........ so yea we'll see what happens tonight! 

but all is well here in parral! just SO HOT! and we might have problems with people washing our clothes...... atleast we have a tub! lol but hope you all are having a great week and hope you all see the christmas vid from the church! love you all!!

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