Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 74

so the weather has been super weird here and it will be blazin hot and then the next day is really rainy..... but the work still must go on!

so we had a pretty good week here, tstill trying to build up the sector a little more. but we have a cool couple that were antigous that we are working with and they are now super recptive! the only problem is they need to get mariied or separated........ so we have a big chastity lesson planned with them for this week! but hey they came to church! and they are sososososooooo ghetto it cracks me up! and jano still has a little weed problem or atleast i thinks so becuase he had a big ol bush in the back of his house.... pero bueno.... they have the deseos

then we started working with the sister in law of a recent convert named irma. she went to church a couple weeks back but it turns out that she never came back because she was a nervous about what to wear...... lol but we talked it through and now she is good to go! and she was really excited to get baptzed! so we had a SICK noche de hogar and comitted her for th 11th! and she accepted BUT............ on the car ride back she told us that she is not married............ and she has like 25 years with her pareja........... but they said they willl talk it over this week..... so please pray for Irma!

other than that we have some other peeps but we really are just looking! but i love you all so much and hope you all had a great thanksgiving!!! chaito!!!!

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