Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 73

well guys i am now with the farmers! and i litterally live on a farm! i wake up every morning to the roosters at 5:30.... but it really is a cool sector. but the zone sure does need some work lol. we found out that some missionaries stayed out late at a members house dancing -_______- but we're working with them!

so yea this sector is HUGE! and our bike are still broken so we have to walk a lot. and this sector needs a lot of help, there are like 2 people in the focus group, AKA gunna be touching a lot of doors thhis week!

so this week we had a sick council of leaders where we whent to the conce temple and president catala re dedicated the mission! WOW that was a super spiritual day! and after he re dedicated it he got a call from elder packer saying that he wants to visit the mission!!

But yea not much to tell here because we dont really have many people to teach yet and this zone sure needs some help, so please pray for us out here!!

ps we had a BBQ with the elders today!

love you all!

peep elder barson my new comp!

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