Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 72

so yea cambios came................ im moving AGAIN! im pretty bummed out about this cambio because seriously when i got here there was nothing...... and now its such a good sector!!! and also the zone is now on fire!!! but well.... gotta go where the lord wants me! and he wants me in Parral! o sea a super rural part of the mish!!! and im going to be comps with elder barson! but yea im going to be teaching start up farmers!

but yea we had stake conference this week and it was in another chapel, but as God provides a way we still got a good number of peeps in church!

so that girl that we found,victoria, came again and we still ahve only had 1 i repeat 1 lesson with her....... shes just super busy during the week but really likes the church!! so she'll probably get baptized this month....

we also got a cool `partial family there! its kinda weird cause the mom speaks perfect english.....

but yeatoday i have to go say goodbye to paola and guillermo......... but im like 99% sure that i'll come back to visit them! tey keep telling us how they have two extra rooms and to come whenever!!

but yea not much more to say with cambios! all i know is that ive got my work cut out over there in parral! love you all so much!

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