Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 71

so yea sorry i forgot to send a group email last week!! i was writing a members house then they made pizza..... so yea i kinda forgot lol. 

but yes all is well down here! but man it is stinkin hot! im seriously pondering the idea of working in a fedora.... hay vemos. but things are going really really well in the sector!!

so paola ALMOST went to the temple to do baptisms!!! BUT they were a little tight on money and she couldnt go in the end... but they do have plans to go during december!!! so not too worried about them! and they are so cute they keep saying that we can come back and visit whenever! and paola keeps calling us her prodigal sons..... dont know if she understands that story lol.

butr yea so we found a sweet dude the other week! his name is jorge! and he has been feeling like he is falting something in his life! and then we showed up!!! and he came to church last week but not this week (the member forgot to look for him......) but he has fecha for the 25th!! and he enjoys reading the BoM! so hopefully all works out with him!

we also found a girl touching doors and we had like a 10 minute lesson with her and she came to church!!!!!!! it was sick! we called sunday morning and she was like yea im reading are you guys waiting? and her name is vitoria she has 27 years. but we'll see how it goes with her! seriosuly weve onloy had one cita with her!

also we have been working with some antiguos and they are super receptive and some even stared coming back to church! one we think might be able to get baptized after she finishes her thesis. o sea like in december, plus she makes really good cakes!! and then another one was an old lady that legit hobbles and she walked all the way to church alone!!!!!

and then we are still working a lot with maria! she is really colse to taking a decision on moving! and she is so ready to be dunked! we just read the BoM with her now!

but yea this is the last week of the cambio! and im like 99% sure that one of us is going... kinda hope its not me because i want to pass christmas here! but whatever we'll see!

love you all so much!! and hope that you all are reading the BoM! have a great week!

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