Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 70

so yea it was a pretty sweet week here! first of all paola gopta baptized!!! and i am so sorry but my card reader broke and this computer is acting up..... so pics will have to come next week....

but the baptism was sososos sweet like almost the whole ward came! so it was a great experience for her! and she is so ready to share the gospel with her fam! she already has some plans on how to share with her sister! and now we are wokring on getting guillermo the priesthood! and also we are like now paolas 'sons' lol she brought us chocolate milk at church and made us fried fish last night!

well other than that we are still looking for people to progress...... but i do have the hope that we will have someone ready for a november baptism this week!

other than that we have been just trying to keep the zone animated! one elder is like almost dying with asthma attacks..... so we'll see what happens there...

but yea all is well! i am just super tired, we seriosuly walk so much.... might try to find someone to give me a foot massage! but i love this work so much! it was really nice being able to baptize someone myself for once! love you all!!!

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