Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 69

another pretty good week down here in hualpen! but man it was really stormy and rainy..... so it made it a little harder to get people to church...... but other than that it was a good week!

so yea we are wokring a lot still with paola and now she is all ready! and man she really has opened my eyes to see how the gospel blesses families... because before they knew the gospel they were not happy people. and they did not have a happy marriage... but now they are so giddy and happy and you can really see the changes. and yea her bautismo is this friday and she asked me to do it! so por fin time to see if the white pants still fit me! but it should be a sweet service!

other than that uhhhh..... we are just trying to find some good partial families! but that means working with some LAs and oh man i am pretty tired of LAs. but we did find a couple of famillies that have some decent potnecial! 

so we found out this week that pres catala is like in love with our ward mission lider because of how well he works with the organization (wich like never happens in chile...). pres is thinking about like filming how he does stuff LOL. or like filming a pep talk! ps my ward mish lider is the little guy in the temple pic! 

But yea not too much new stuff here! just wokring hard out here! but we are seeing a lot of good progress with our zone! we got the averagelessons with members to 17! so we were pretty pumped about that! but i love you all so much!

ps read the good word!

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