Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 68

so we had a pretty full week here! we had an awesome consejo with president! and there were some big changes in the mission!!!so before we had to do 20 contacts in the street as a companionship everyday..... and por fin pres catala changed the rule!! oh man that was nice to hear!! because chileans do not like being stopped in the street to hear about how much Christ loves them. so that was an answer to prayers (JK). but it will be a big change!

so this week we were really wokring with paola on getting her ready for her baptism and we had a great time helping her search for her answer! towards the end of the week she kept saying how she felt like J smith! and to top it off we went to the temple grounds with like 2 other families and them! and oh man she litterally rean to the fence and like closed her eyes and envisioned herself there............. uh yea it was sweet! and now her biggest worry is 1. getting a frame for a picture of christ she has and 2. sharing the gospel with her now grown up children! yea God has been prepping this family for a long time!!!

then we are still working with maria, but amn she'll probably get baptized in november IF she does, because there are a lot of problems with her fiance and she cant just move. but we'll see what happens...

but yea other than that we are just searching for more families.... please pray for us that we can be guided to another prepped fam!! other than that we are just out here wokring as much as we can! love you all so much!!

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