Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 67

so cambios came again........... i finally get to stay!! and im staying with elder hayne for another cambio aka 4 1/2 months together.... prettylong time together lol

but yea so we had an interesting mini cambio this week where we brought a more 'troubled' missionary to our sector and i worked with him for the day. man that was interesting lol. the poor kid didnt get up till 8.... but atleast we were able to have a sweet spiritual experience with the wife of guillermo during the mini cambio and put her with fecha for the 22 of october!!!! and after putting her with that fecha the other day i went back with hayne and she was so pumped because thats a birthday weekend!!! and her kids will be home that weekend and she is snow pumped for he baptism!!! seriously paola did like a 180 with guillermo`s baptism!!! and we are going to the temple grounds with them next sunday! because they are really interested in doing work for the dead!!!

and maria is doing well too. she wont get dunked this week because her fiance had another realapse!! so they are waiting for some tests to see if he has to go to the crazy house.... so we'll see if we can get her to move out, because that wont really fix the sitaution, since he would just come home after a while and they would be sinning.... but she still has a lot of hope!

other than that not much happened this week.... i had to stay in one day because i got seriously the worst headache (probs from dehydration...) and i slept for like 12 hours, oh amn it was sososososo nice. but all is well now. we just have a huuuge sector and we walk a LOT.

But i lvoe you all and hope you all enjoyed conference!! besitos!!!!!!

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