Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 83

so yea this has been one of the more digamos full weeks of my mission...

so as all have heard chile is literally on FIRE. let me explain... on thursday it reached 43 degrees cel. like 109F. and there are people that are light random forests on fire. so on thursday while teaching a lady we start smelling smoke..... and we go outside and it looks like heavy fog.... but it was SMOKE! so we had to have to whole zone go inside and make sure their emergency bakcpacks were ready.... luckily all was fine but we couldnt work that night because the smoke was so strong!

and then the next day we had zone conference............... AH but i had an AWESOME interview with pres! it made me super sad that i'll be done in like 4 months..... but we were talking about how the change in key indicators with SLC and how we had to adjust the standard of excelence. (which is btw 4 with date, 4 in church, 20 lwm) ughhhh made me want to start the mission again!

so luis is doing super well! we took him to a baptism and he was so happy after that he just hugged us! BUT he smoked so we had to sun the date back a little bit..... so he is no good for the 11th

and CARLOS!! so he is doing sososososos well! he's now reading the BoM every day! and we've been doing a lot of FHEs with him! and even his brother is really excited for him (who isnt member and gets back this week) so carlos will be baptized the 18th! and then his brother (hernan) the one who received us first will most likely be baptized the following week!

but yea it was a pretty stinkin hot week here! but just gotta keep grinding! love you all so much!!!

btw please register for my classes the 1st!

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