Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 9

The oreo game:

digging up a huge tree stump for service:

lunch with the senior couple missionaries

Can you believe i've been gone for two months? i cant time flies by, we are already half way through this cambio. we think we might buy a cake or ties to celebrate the grand day.

This week was a big one for dangela. I think i told you all about her and how she asks really deep and profound questions and can speak english, so the lessons are very interesting and sometimes last over 2 hours. but she accepted a date to be baptized!!! it was super awesome we were talking about prayer and revelation and we showed the models of light videos from elder bednar. and it really clicked with her. literally after the videos she knew that she has to be baptized, and because she knew that she asked what were all the commandments so we got to also teach all of them right then because she was so motivated. She fell in love with all of the mormon messages because she was struggling with the idea of only reading from ancient text so it was a big win to show her the mormon channel. and it was awesome because this sunday she came to church! so we are really pumped for her and she really is progressing. her date is going to be on the 5th of september.

Our other investigator with a baptism date is benjamin. his mom is an eternal investigator because her partner doesn't really want to get married, but all of her other boys are baptized and active. we had a super fun noche de hogar with her and her boys where we played the cookie game. for this game we put a cookie at the top of the forehead and have to try to move it to your mouth without your hands. the kids can never do it for the first couple of tries, and then E. wolfe says something like my comp can do it super fast and then i say yea i have super strong eyebrows. and then with the cookie on my head i just ask E. wolfe to feed me the cookie. essentially its a lesson on prayer where we just need to ask, but the families that we have done it with love the game. we have another noche de hogar with them tonight so we are really pumped about that and really benjamin is probably thee cutest 8 year old. 

So as you all know we kinda lost our investigator elizabeth as she asked for time and space, so we wrote a card trying to boost her spirits. so we took one language study time to write this nice card that used moroni 7:33, we thought that it would be super helpful for her just telling her that she can do anything with faith in jesus. so we had to search out for her house because we always taught her at her parents house and we didn't want to leave the card there. so we finally find her house and she doesn't have a mail box, so e. wolfe tells me just toss it into the covered area of the patio. i tossed the card like a frisbee and for some reason it just flew up and landed on the roof... we started to die of laughter. we figured that it just was not meant to be. but who knows maybe shell look out her window and see a card with her name on it.

This past week to try and find new people we have been using this really old list of menos activos, but this list is so old that half of the houses are literally vacant and the others that have people are the wrong people and they day that they have been living there for 4-8 years. so we think we might just focus more on futures and menos activos we know this week.

We had an event called capilla abierta which ended up being funny because the only person to bring nonmembers was another eternal investigator. there ended up being about a total of 5 nonmembers, and a handful of members.
I gave my first talk this week! i was really surprised when during branch counsel that Presidente Alegria asked me to speak. it went really well, i talked about the sabbath day. It seemed that dangela really liked the talk so i would consider that a big success. but it still was funny because later that day we still saw some members out buying bread for that day.

But really all is well here! i bought a puffer from a home depot like store and it has been a pretty clear week! I am so grateful for all of the love and support you all give me!

les amo,
Elder Livingston

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