Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 10

After a rain storm

Hola querida familia!! this week was a a really fast one for some reason.

to start off it was kinda weird because we lost contact with dangela. she said that all this week she was doing a charity event and would be busy for the most part and would call if she was free. sounded pretty normal right? but later on in the week we started to think ya we really need to make contact with here to make sure she is still on the right path. so we tried calling each day but now whenever it calls it just goes straight to voicemail. and on sunday she did not come to church. so we were super bummed when we didnt see her. we hope that she was just really really busy with the charity zumba stuff but we dont know. so please keep her inj your prayers because she knew so clearly what she had to do and we are getting worried about her and are going to have to push back the baptism one week so she can get the proper attendance. but yea kinda a bummer.

We had an awesome lesson this week with benjamin and his older brothers about the plan of salvation. it was so much fun teaching an 8 yearold this because we got to keep it very simple and he understood it all. at the end his oldest brother who is like 12, esteban, asked us a bunch of questions about the plan and it was so good because it really showed how much he understood about the plan and how much he belived in it. so benjammin will be baptized this next saturday and we are so excited for it and we are really hoping that his mom's pareja comes to the baptism and maybe we can make a cita with him to learn morea about what happened. but i cant wait to send more pics of benjamin because he is super lindo.

so since this week we didnt have as many people to teach we started working a lot on menos activos. its realy funny trying to find them as i have told you most of the people registered dont even live there so it makes for interesting door approaches as we ask how long have the new people been living there and they reply something like 8 years. we have a couple of futures from these wrong house experiences so we are really hoping that they will let us pass by and teach. but with some of the menos activos we did find it really is interesting why some of these people dont go to church. like there was this one lady who wont come because x number of years ago someone, who was mormon, posted something not so great on facebook. but this lady still has a testimony of everything, and there are other people where it kinda is just because it is rainy during the winter so they skip out. so we have been teaching a lot about the sacrament and enduring to the end.

our house has become kinda ghetto rigged this past week. last p day i was washing the dishes while e wolfe was upstairs cleaning when suddenly the sink spout shot off. water was shooting out of the faucet and i just yelled "chuuuuta"and then e wolfe ran downstairs to fin me wet and holding the spout with a super confused face. so now whenever we use that sink we cannot make the water pressure too high otherwise the sink shoots off. and the toilet lever broke too, so now we just use a thin metal rod to lift the plug to flush the toilet. yes we did talk to the office but there really isnt much they can do because literally we are the farthest house in the mission. but all is well.

oh yea one really cool thing that happened at the end of saturday was that we found a family of 7 that will let us teach them. we talked to the dad and he said they would have the missionaries over and then they moved and lost contact with them. it was a complete miracle that we saw him at that time and asked him if he knew his neighbors, because they were registered members, and he said no but that we should come by in the afternoon!!! a real miracle that we were there right then.

But really all is well here. if youre ever wondering what im doing it is probably walking or being stuffed with food at a members house, luckily they balance each other out. But i am so glad to be out here trying to bring these people closer to christ and if you guys have any free time this week help out the missionaries becuase members make the work a lot easier!
Les Amo
Elder Livingston

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