Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 11

First off i would like to say, we got a baptism!!! woahhhhhh. i dont know why i thought that when missionaries had baptisms it would be a kinda chill day. man was i wrong. earlier in the week we had called the RS prez to help us out with refreshments for after the baptism, you know since were just two young men. and we found out that she didnt call anyone till thursday night! so we had a couple of sisters just saying oh arent you guys just going to buy everything and do it? and we were like uhhh no we are broke and litterally have no time. then the primary prez came to the rescue¡!¡! seriously she saved us with a simple cocktail like hing after. But the actual baptism was very sweet. Elder wolfe baptized benjamin and you could feel the spirit so strong there. and it was so cute to see how happy he was after he was baptized. and it was super awesome because his moms partner came and he was really grateful with us for doing the baptism. so we are really hoping that we can focus on him this coming week and help them really get a firm date for their wedding and maybe a date for baptism. Also remeber that other eternal investigator that i told you all about, Maria Lopez, ya she broughth her partner to the baptism and to church. so we also want to do the same with them. but we have heard that he read some anti mormon literature, so we have our work cut out but hey anything is possible with the power of GOD!

But for the majority of the week i was actually in conce. there was a conference for the new missionaries. it was super fun. luckily i was one of two missionaries that had to travel 4 hours to get to this conference adn we got to sleep on the floor of the assisants house the night before the actual meeting. But it was so cool, we had a lot of classes taught by president arrington. he is a super super cool president. my favorite class was on the doctrine of christ. we talked about how our investigators have to be active if the are going to be active members, and that being fully active in the church before being baptized is a part of repenting. also it was really fun to see my twin (elder Cowley) remember him? well it was super fun being able to tell all of the stories we have gained in the short time on the mission. but after that meeting they said that we are no longer new missionaries! i still find that hard to belive but i guess it is true especially since this is the last week of this cambio.

So the night that i got back we didnt really have any plans because we were not sure how long it would take for me to get back. so we went to a couple of houses as usual and talked to them, and at the end of the night we thought hey we should try to visit that one menos activo who is never home. so we went up and amazingly she was home with her husband who isnt a member! their names are vanessa and eduardo and seriously they are such a cute family. during the lesson i was litterally playing with their little daughter while E wolfe was working his magic but in the end we were able to really bring the spirit into their house and you could feel it so strong as we told him to pray to find that his loving heavenly father has a specific plan for him. seriously it was sucha cool lesson that came out of nowhere. we are planning on veisiting them soon this week!

bonus story- we were trying to find luis and his big family but he wasnt there so we tried the nieghbor who was supposedly a member adn out came a snake (adolescent girl who is no good) and we were like are there any members in your house¿? and she brought out her gma who is a testigo de jehova and they let us in so we were like this will be interesting. and it was the girl told us about how she thought god is a woman and there was some scripture that proved it and i asked if she could share it and she was oh no like i forgot but some pope said so, and then later on in the lesson she told us about how she can like talk and feel dead people... we invited her to pray so well see if she does and the grandma was surprisingly super receptive! 

But really all is wel here! finally got some rain pants! but now it is hot and sunny so thats good i guess. but really so grateful for all of you!!

Elder Livingston

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