Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 8

View from his window:

Huge hotdog for lunch!

after a big meal


His home!

And then God commanded elder wolfe and livingston to build a boat and collect two of each kind of dog. man oh man was it a rainy week. i still have yet to buy rain pants.... oops. but my comp has got the conections and got the office elders to get me an electric blanket for free so it has been a lot more pleasant here at night. we did also ask them for rain pants but they said that they were all out. and so far my jackets have been good, i might buy another fleece just because i've been wearing to same one for the past week. 

So this week we were supposed to have had a baptism on the 8th. but we got a very sad text from elizabeth saying that she wasn't feeling ready and that her parents have been giving her a hard time about joining the church. she says she might need a little space and doesn't want to feel pressured into being baptized. we tried to visit her a couple of times but she has been dodging us. so we are hoping to give her an animo booster later this week with some brownies and letters of encouragement. so please keep her and her daughter adriana in your prayers. 
Remember that my comp gave a baby blessing last week? the family is called poblete casanova and we have started to become good friends with them. they asked us to bless there house because weird things were happening. like the tv would turn on and off and random appliances would turn on without being plugged in... kinda scary, but i had the opportunity of doing the blessing. After our quick message and blessingyou could really feel a change of spirit in the house. were planning on going back and doing a noche de hogar with them because they need some help working on unity. But i really belive that with thime they will be strong in the church again.
We had another lesson with Dangela that went really well. Also it was 2 and a half hours long. the lesson was on the plan of salvation and this brought up tons of questions about kinda random stuff. but we were able to answer all of the questions, it did help a lot that she is fluent in english so we could explain harder things in english. but at the end when we were closing we asked is there anything you want us to pray for and she just said you will know... kinda intimidating but i guess i said the right things as after she said thank you thats what i needed to hear, so i was pretty relieved. 

The food here has been awesome! since we live near the campo all of the food is pretty fresh. the tomatoes here are sooooo good. a lot of members make a salad that is just tomatoes and onions, its so good. there was one house where we got served soooo much food. we both thought we were going to die. we were first given 'sushi' and bread and salad, then we both got a huge, i mean huge, plate of mashed potatoes with two fried eggs on top. it was a struggle to eat it all. i had to take it like a pill towards the end with my juice and poor elder wolfe wasn't able to finish his plate. needless to say language study did not happen after that lunch. but also this past week i got my first asado and ohhhhh was it good. but all is well here we are working hard and trying to find some new people to teach this week! i am so grateful for all of the prayers and support you all give me!

Elder Livingston

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