Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 7

So i finally finished up my mtc experience!! really the best way to describe it is with the part of nacho libre where he describes what he does everyday and keeps saying it is the beeest. but ya all finished up there and we got on an early flight to conce!! we arrived in conce and were given some instructions about our money and living space. then we were given lunch. I almost cried because it was papa johns! man it was nice to have a change from rice and 'carne'. then after that we had the assigning of new companions and i got assigned elder wolfe! he's a really cool guy who is a year and a half into the mission and is from tennessee! after that we had to immediately hop into a car and drive to linares. it was about a 3 1/2 hour drive through the countryside of chile. then we arrived to our house! we are the only two people living there. and for this house just imagine a perfect box and triangle house and cut it in half. its great! the only thing is that it does not have any heating in it so yeah it gets pretty cold at night and the morning. we have little heater fans that we use in the study room so thats always nice. and the mission office gave me 3 wool blankets for at night because at night we cannot use the heaters since they use up so much energy. so i might buy a sleeping bag or electric blanket after writing you guys. and yes it rains so much here. i think the phrase its raining cats and dogs comes from conce. because it has a plentitude of each of those. so also today i'm stocking up on more rain gear. but to combat the cold we drink so much hot chocolate in our house. we just about have the perfect ratio of powder milk to cocoa down. 

The branch here usually gets about 100 members each week. but a lot more could be there. we have a couple of investigators. 1 has a baptism this weekend on dad's birthday with her daughter and their names are elizabeth and adriana. we have one investigator that is really new and has a ton of deep doctrine questions. but luckily she also speaks english. so during the second lesson with her i was able to explain to her why only me hold the priesthood. it was awesome because after that we then shared how faith is not a perfect knowledge and she looked like she was startingto understand more. so keep her in your prayers, her name is dangela and she didnt come to church yesterday so we were super bummed. yesterday at church igot the opportunity to introduce myself. i was so nervous that when i took the sacrament cup i spilled most of it, but i was able to laugh it off and it went well. Also a big surprise for us was when some random less actives asked us to bless their baby!!! so elder wolfe got to bless his first baby. we practiced a lot the night before jajaja. but we didn't even find out the name of the baby until 10 minutes before sacrament meeting. 

The spanish here is completely different from the mtc so for the most part i am really quiet during lessons. but i feel like i already am getting better. sometimes i just have to guess what they said and respond and hope i am saying something relevant. but i know that this will just take time. but seriously chileans speak soooooooooo fast and add random things to words and cut off parts. hope all of you are having a great week!!!!

E. Livingston

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