Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 4

This week was a lot better! I decided that the best way to overcome any kind of doubt of frustration with work. this past week we started to transition everything to spanish, EVERYTHING. now during personal study i read out of the libro de mormon. its pretty fun tryingn to determine what is actually being said but it has been easy so far becasue im still in 1 nefi. so now in the mtc my group is the oldest group and we only have two more weeks in the ccm. crazy right! next email will be the last one from santiago so it is starting to get more intense. 
So durind this past week elder cowley and i wanted to clean our suits but the dry cleaners near the ccm doesnt do a very good job and it is kinda expensive so we took matters into our own hands. we tried steaming the jackets with a scalding shower turned on and leaving the door closed. the condesnsding water just dripped onto the jackets and didnt really clean them. the jackets are still fine but the still smell like the cafeteria.
Also during this week the older group of missionaries that just left today complained so much about the food that they actually changed some of the meals. it was funny becasue we all had to fill out a survey and the last question was basically aree you a gringo? but hopefully they follow the surveys soon and strat serving breakfast for dinner.
We had one lesson this past week where it was a really tricky investigator who knew a lot about the church but didnt want to do anything. we got her to pray and in the next lesson she said she felt a lot of peace that she couldnt explain. we totally dropped the ball and just continued with our lesson. iot was funny because right after we realized that she would have said yes to be baptized on the spot but we didnt ask right then.
We had to say goodbye to our teachers today-yesterday as we will be getting teachers that dont know how to speak english tomorrow. i am pretty excited because i am ready to be totally surounded by spanish.
So I have recently discovered i made a grave mistake on the 1st p day when i bought hard back scriptures so today i bought smaller hard back scriptures because they were just sooo heavy. i also baught the military scriptures because i think they would be awesome to have for back home at byu. 
Really not much has changed here. just learning more and more spanish. I alsmot feel like i could go into the field really soon because it is pretty easyt at times here. I hope everyone is having a nice summer and enjoying the heat as it is a little CHILLY here because the heaters dont really work but all is well. also it is feeling more and more strange to talk about the gospel in english because my mind is now wired to only talk about it in very simple spanish, its awesome because it keeps me talking about only very simple aspects of the gospel which are some of the most powerful ones.

E. Livingston

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