Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 5

last week in the ccm! i am kinda ready to get out of here everyone is starting to go crazy. entonces this week was pretty much all in spanish so it was pretty exciting. and since it is the last week on sunday i had to pack my big suitcase to send to concepcion. with all of the other things that i packed i packed all of my english scriptures. pretty scary stuff. but it is all fine i can almost comprehend everything that is being said in the scriptures, granted i am still in 1st nefi and pmg is really easy to read in spanish. But by study all of the doctrine and gospel in spanish i feel like i am learning so much because i have to keep reading and re-reading scriptures and quotes. 
So i would like to give a big shout out to Mark for the advice he gave right before the mission. which was to buy earplugs. we got new roommates and one of them is from Colombia and man oh man can he snore. like seriously make the loudest snore you can and that is what i hear every night if i dont get to bed fast enough. but they are really nice guys and it is making me excited with the idea of having a latino companion as my training. but at the same time im ok with a gringo too, time will tell. one week to be exact. 
Since this is our last week we get to do contacts and splits with real missionaries. i am really excited for this because i really get a chance to practice my spanish and get a chance to learn and love the people. but it will definitely be interesting since they really do talk soooo fast and drop alot of syllables. it will for sure be a humbling experience because it is really easy to understand the teachers since they talk so slow and properly. 
So as i said last week i was really excited about the scriptures i bought because of their perfect size. it turns out they are english scriputres and i finally gave in and bought the nice leather scriptures becasue they are the smallest and lightest ones. so im super pumped about having the nice ones in SPANISH now.
All is well here at the ccm and i am so glad for all of the prayers that are offered for me, i really can feel the lord in my life with all of the small miracles!

Elder Livingston

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