Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 15

This week was kinda crazy, we had a zone conference and we had branch conference this week, which meant that there was a ward activity each night! but it has been starting to warm up expect for a couple of days it has been really rainy woohoooo!

So we really have been pushing for our eternal investigators to get a wedding date. so maria and her partner, juan were supposed to have chosen a wedding date by yesterday, but sadly they didnt ... but we had a great lesson with juan about how we have living prophets. i guess he never had been taught about it and we were asking him what would this mean to you, and he was like that would be awesome because no other church has a living prophet. so we really think that he is going to start progressing soon and will actually want to get married. And this is really good because maria is so ready to be baptized that she is even thinking about leaving her fam... we keep stressing to her about faith and patience, but it has been nice that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear. our other eternal invst. silvanna, the mom of benjamin we gave her the challenge o pick a spefic date for her wedding too. this has been a little harder because her partner matius literally runs when we come over... idk maybe we are going to have E watts tackle him while i give the lessons, well see. but we have a cita planned with them this week when he will be there so we are really hoping that we can get him to stay (just imagine us singing the sam smith song to him)

So some sad news... david went to jail. we had a cita with him on monday and as we walked in he said you  guys have bad luck, theyre coming to pick me up right now... ya so we quickly got to sy a prayer with him and send him on his way. we cant visit him yet because i dont have my chillean id and E watts is expired. so we are trying to work with the leaders of the ward to get people to write letters of support. but we have no idea how long he will be in there, but we just have to make sure he gets a BoM ASAP.

As for finding it was still kinda hard this week because we would sacrfice over an hour to go to the ward activites to really gain the members trust. but we were able to get in a couple of houses and we have one lady that looks like she will progress and we have our next cita with her tomorrow! but seriously we were not taking no for an answer when we were talking with her at her gate, and luckily after like 15 mins of talking her into letting us in she gave in! her name is bernadita ortega and we think she will be able to be baptized the 27th but it all depends how tomorrow goes! but we really have been uping our contacts and we have even invited people to be baptized in the street lol one erson said yes and we are also visiting her tomorrow so itll be intersting to see if that tactic works out.

The activities were really fun this week ill attach the videos that i have of the talent show/kareokee show and the game we did at the FHE that we were in charge of. but it was really funny because one of the recent converts asked me if for the talent show i could sit in a chair on the stage while she sang to me... i was like uhhhh i dont think so, and when her act came on i was soooo glad i said no it wouldve been terribly awkward. and then there wasa another RC that did like a dance that was a little more pg 13 needles to say we were looking at the ground during that one and we need to plan a cita with her about the LoC lol. 

So during the zone conference it was really cool, we got to watch the leader trainning from the apostles and it was about how the best way to improve our faith is by trying to improve our sabbath day observance. i thought it was pretty cool out of all the things they could talk about they chose the sabbath day. so as missionaries we are trying to better sanctify the holy day!

I hope that you all had a great week and i am so grateful for all the support that you all give!!!!!!

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