Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 14

hola hola familia!! this week was a pretty good one, and a little frustrating, mostly because of the 18th, with all of the fiestas patrias. It made it really hard to set up citas with people during the end of the week.

So we still are kinda confused with davids situation, but from what we have learned this past week he definitely is going to jail... we just dont know when and how long, but there is hope that it will only be for three months, which would be awesome. we passed by on the 18th to eat some empanadas with him to help him not feel super down during the festivities, it seemed to really boost his spirits because that day was bring up old emotions and feeeling from his past. But it looks like really David will be baptized in the future after he has finished his jail time, so we will keep passing by.

Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with Maria Lopez and her partner about marriage!! it is pretty funny to think of two youngins trying to teach mid thirty year olds about why they should be married but luckily the spirit was very strong during the lesson and juan agreed to choose a date this week, for the wedding!! so this means that maria can finally get baptized! and its good that they are putting a date soon because maria was almost ready to leave the fam just to get baptized and we kept saying maria this is not going to be better in the long run. but we are super pumped about the wedding and hopefully it will be soon enough that we can attend!

The Branch had a huge 18 party on the 17th. seriously it was a huge hit there were almost 170 people when the attendance is usually 115 for sacrament meeting lol. it was really fun to see the traditional dance of chile and hear the national anthem and learn once again that chileans cannot sing to save thier lives. but it was a really good time. ill attach the photos and vids after this email. On the actual 18 we didnt do much to celebrate... one family had us over and we got a couple of empanadas but no huge asado :(... 

We really are just searching for people to teach right now. it has been really hard because we havent really been able to get into any houses and teach and a lot of the contacts that we have on the street lie to us... so it has been kinda frustrating that we dont have any people that really can progress right now. so please keep us in your prayers as we keep searching for people, but i have realized that this is the majority of the mission, SEARCHING!

The scripture that best describes this week is alma 8:10-11. but atlest the animo is HIGH!!! we still have a lot of fun trying to find people and we are really staying happy so we figure if we can keep this up and stay obedient that lord will place the prepared souls in our path. hope all of you have had a great week!!!! ¡Viva CHILE!

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