Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 100

so this is the last week.....

this last week was super full becaue we had zone conferences!!!! it was fun seeing how president tailors them to each zone specifically. but that ate up most of our week! 

there was one funny moment where i had to go with Hna Catala to go pick up medication for a missionary and i was driving and there was no parking so hna catala tells me to just do a vuelta..... SOLITO. so i got to drive around alone for like 15 mins..... man that was wierd!

and Elixon is doing super well! his wife Isable is getting dunked the 17th...... but I'll just skype them that day :)

other than that just getting stuff ready for the white wash!!!!

so pumped to see you all soon!!! 


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