Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 17

sorry im a day late but yesterday was a random holiday and all of the cibers were closed so we get an hour today to write!! 

This week was kinda weird, i had a minicambio where i left and we spent one day going to concepcion for my comp with something for the office. so i didnt get as much time in my sector this week. But my first real mini cambio went well! it was me and another newbie who had the same time on the mission as me, hes from brazil but it was a really fun day since we litterally were in farmland and we put someone with fecha who let us in after we knocked her door.

For my sector we really saw progress with the miriam and lydia. we found them about two weeks ago and we finally got them to church and they both have baptismal fecha for the 31st!!! they seemed to really enjoy church and they seem really excited. but like all people they have a desafio.... lets just say that they are two very good amigas that live alone together and work together.... we kept hoping that they are just friends but at the end of church they gave us a sticky note with a question that now makes us think other wise. but we will be having that lesson with them tomorrow and luckily your boi gets to take lead on this lesson... please pray for me. But i really am sure that as we describe gods love and plan for them they will understand because they have felt and recognized the spirit so we just have to be sure that the spirit is felt strong during the lesson.

We recently became really good friends with one member in our ward who was inactive but now is really strong and wants his whole family to basically rejoin the church. its really awesome because he litterally said hey you guys seem like you can help want to swing by sometime¿ YES ! we found out the his mom was never baptized and we put the goal for her to be baptized the 7th of november and his dad is now really interested in becoming active again!! It just has been so awesome having a member want to do something and helping us with it!!! But really you can see how the gospel is starting to re-bless their lives!

Like i said this week was kinda weird so nothing else really happened... i did get the package when we went down to conce for the day!! Thanks mom and dad!! really it was a nice animo booster as this cambio has been a lot of work getting this rama reenergized about missionary work! But i hope that you all are having a great week and are enjoying fall!! for some reason it still is raining here!

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