Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 13

hola hola familia!! i got my new comp elder Watts and am still in the same area! he is from chesapeake VA and attend the air force academy for one year playing football there. so yes he is really big and jacked.

so this week has been a lot of work... I have taken over for kinda planning and taking phone calls during this first week because my comp is new to the area. and the one thing that i have learned that chileans talk really fast on the phone because they dont like using up minutes, but somehow i am able to comunicate. And also this week i have gotten really good at reading the map. finally all of the boy scouts orientering is paying off.

So David isnt in jail right now, so wohooo! we dont know really if the trial is completely over but he came to church this past sunday and gave a really powerful testimony during gospel principles. he talked about how he has found more joy as he has become closer to christ. he is so aawesomke, but we need to change his fecha to later this month because we think he is still on 1 cigarette a day... but his faith is a lot stronger now so i belive it will be easier! but thnk you for all of the prayers to help with his trial. 

We had a super awesome lesson with a recent covert named valery about fasting. and it was really fun to teach about the power of fast because it was the same day that we finished our fast for Davids trial. Basically we promised her that if she gave an honest fast this week that her jefa would give her sundays off if she asked and fully explained why she cant work on sundays. we belive it worked because for the first time we saw her at sunday!! just another testament about how sometimes we are stuck ijn tough situations that we need to make a plan and act.. something that a lot of the people here need to learn!

we had a really fun lesson this week with a super super old menas activa. she told us about how she hasnt gone to church in 10 years!! we were like hna you really should go to church and read the BoM. we asked her to find her Bom and she said oh its just upstairs and its kinda lost, so we gave her 7 minutes to find it and as a premio would would sing her favorite hymn. she found it and we sang. it was prety fun but in the end she still wouldnt come to church... so we were kinda bummed about that but atleast happy we could raise her spirits.

But really this week has been A LOT of work. but i love it i really feel like a real missionary! we really have been pushing to better the ward in the obra missional, and i think that they are getting really excited about it! I also fell like ive learned a lot of things that we were supposed to have been doing... oops but now i am doing them so i really think that it will help us see more success. One of which has been doing a lot more contacts, which i now love to do. seriously they are so funny because people will try to say the most random things to us like oh im never home, and then we say why have a house?¿ oh these funny chileans i love them so much! But thank you for all of the support that you all give! i hope that you are all having great weeks of school and work and that fall is treating you all well!

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