Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 1

hello everyone! 

chile really is great!! they have been putting us to the grind stone and there is almost always some kind of class going on in the mtc. Every morning we wake up and start with personal study, it has been a little hard to stay awake but ive been getting better by chewing on altoids whenever i get sleepy. after that we have breakfast for twenty minutes and there i usually eat oat squares with a gogurt like yogurt that is bright pink and with that i make a breakfast sandwich with the balogna cheese and bread. (the bread is always really good). after that we then run to the park and play soccer. it is really fun because there is a wide range of abilities to play soccer so it always keeps it fun. Sometimes my companion tries to run but im finding it harder and harder to do because im so tired from studying so much. After we play at the park we get ready for the day and then we have classes until lunch. I usually have mashed potatoes and some kind of ´meat´but its pretty good. But im pretty sure if i keep eating it for lunch i will gain a couple of LBs. after lunch we go back to classes about teaching and spanish. I have already taught three lessons, Im feeling pretty confident and the spanish is coming back to me. Then for dinner it has been hotdogs that are pretty good, hamburgers that are not good and should be avoided (i learned the hard way) and stuff like lasagna and chop sui. 

It has felt like this last week has been taking forever because i have been learning so much. MY companion is elder neubert. He´s fresh out of highschool. HE loves shakespeare, birds, math, choir, and ancient romans. So the P days switch around here and im not sure if mine will stay on wednesdays. But really this MTC is awesome there are only 67 missionaries here. Ive already met a lot of people that are also going to concepcion and im really excited to be able to go into the field in 5ish weeks. This week was a little rough for me since ive had a cold so i also have been drinking so many emergenCs im reaelly close to being completely better but i still have the sniffles. 

I dont have a lot of pictures because we are only allowed to take pictures on p day and p day is only three hours so i got one really quick before i got on the computer so mom i hope it is good enough for the plaque. Also one nice thing here is they do the laundry every other day for us so it makes life a lot easier because there literally would not be enough time to wash shirts during the day. I sure miss all of you but it also is really nice in chile the weather right now is similar to fall in virginia where it is super pleasant to be outside so every once in a while during break we go outside and play soccer with a pinecone-like thing. I hope that all of you are continuing to do well and know that i pray for all of you!!

Elder Livingston

p.s. Also i do think that one night i felt a tremor but it could have been a dream jajajaja

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